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Imagine - in one step - synchronize corporate databases across ALL devices

Our patented technology handles the partnership between each client device database and a central database (on-premise or in the cloud). Data can be changed on any or all devices. Only changes are transferred, both ways, and clients sync in random order and point in time.

No other technology on the market handles this without major costs in both development and operation (except for very simple cases)

OS Independent

OS-independent platform for the client app; develop once and run exactly the same code (HTML5, Java Script, PhoneGap) on iOS, Android, & Windows.

Fully functional client database with automatic synchronization and filtering.

The key to boost your organization

Keeping the GUI development aside, the Norsync technology reduces cost and time to market by 2/3. The reduction in complexity also significantly reduces the risk for complications and overruns.

  • Get your products or updates to market faster
  • Free up time for your engineers to work on more strategic tasks and increase utilization
  • Reduce operational expenses
  • Mitigate risk and better predict development timing

Typical reduction in development and maintenance costs

Asynchronous transfer of data
Filtering of data based on user - or device id
Standard SQL database interface
Automatic inclusion of derived data changes
Platform Independent
Supports automatic and transparent migration of database structures and apps
Encrypted Storage
Utilizes SQLite standard database on the mobile device
Password Protection
Smart synch, only changed data are transferred between mobile device and server

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