norsync in your cloud

Our technology is now available as a turn-key cloud service

Pairing our Synchronizer with a graphical interface for managing your databases and sync rules, Norsync Cloud gives even non-developers the ability to synchronize relational data to mobile devices with full offline support.

By deploying our VM image inside your own cloud you retain full control over your data, and with a 30-day free trial you can get started right away.

Database management

Norsync Cloud includes a simple-to-use but powerful database management interface, designed to facilitate the full life cycle of your app, from development and testing to deployment and further development. Create databases from scratch or import your existing Azure SQL Databases.

Synchronization setup

A graphical interface for setting up the client data model and filter rules gives you full control and helps visualize how our patented model-driven algorithms propagate filter rules through the relationships between the various tables in your database.

Ready for testing and prototyping

Norsync Cloud will provide you with deep app links for each synchronized database instance. These links will bring you directly into the login screen for Norsync Client, a simple data entry app which you can use to verify that your rules are working as expected.

Norsync Client is developed in Xamarin and is open source, serving as a handy basis for prototyping and developing your own app. We also offer a Cordova plugin as well as native libraries for Android/iOS/Windows.