Synchronize with ease

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Asynchronous transfer of data

change data on any or all devices - and transfer both ways

find out how

Synchronize all of your devices, anywhere.

See how it works

Synchronize corporate databases to all devices with the simplicity of Norsync

run the same code everywhere

  • Asynchronous transfer of data
  • Standard SQL database interface
  • Platform independent
  • Encrypted Storage

get efficient

Free up your developers

The developers do not have to think about synchronization, so they can free up critical time to work on more important things

Reduce operational expenses

No need for a full IT department; daily operations are handled automatically, black-box style, without manual supervision

Get to market faster

System development and system upgrades are a lot faster than possible with any other technology

customer success

Like Uber for home services, Needa is about finding and connecting consumers to independent service providers - reliably and conveniently.
Mobile system for ordering and counting of goods for retail stores and kiosks, deployed in 3,000 stores in Norway and Denmark.
Norsync Enhances Mobile Data Access for Microsoft Dynamics CRM